Heat Exhaustion/Stroke. 

Heat Exhaustion/Stroke.  Hawaii’s normal heat and humidity can cause heat exhaustion.  Your heart rate rises, you stop sweating, you feel nauseated, chilled and disoriented, your muscles cramp up and you run out of energy.  Heat Exhaustion is a very serious problem.

Clothing.  You should wear light weight, light colored clothing, with “breathable” material that keeps you cool during the race.  Don’t use cotton shirts or socks.

Acclimatizing to the Heat:  It takes a week to acclimatize to running in the heat, and only a few days to make the most gains.  Try running slowly for twenty minutes at noon once or twice this week.  Wear a sweat shirt during the evening workouts.

Treating Heat Exhaustion.  If you see someone with heat-related symptoms, get them to lie down in the shade, cool their body off with ice towels and water, and get them medical attention immediately.

Aid Stations:  Don’t drink from the sponges.  Use them to keep yourself wet and cool, but don’t soak your shoes in the process.

Pacing:  The faster you run, the more internal heat your body will generate.  It’s better to go out slowly and maintain a slow and steady pace.

Ambition.  One of our hunches is that ambitious athletes push themselves to the point where they incur more adverse symptoms (nausea, cramping, heat exhaustion, etc.) than other athletes who are less concerned about how fast they finish.