The King’s Runner 10K Course Visualization Workout.  The workout last Sunday for the King’s Runner 10K went well.  I enjoyed an easy pace and running the Kaka’ako/Ward areas where I used to run 12 years ago.

  • The Waterfront Park area was the nicest and I didn’t see many homeless like before and of course felt safe.  As Collette noted, it got hot by the end of the workout so hopefully starting a little earlier for the race (6:45am) will help.
  • I stopped on the way out of Kaka’ako waterfront before hitting Ala Moana Blvd. where I think the halfway (5K) mark was and took note of that.
  • Overall it is a very flat race course so I would probably run a little faster tempo (10:00min/mi) for first half and then shoot for 9:15-9:30min/mi for second half.
  • For the second half I actually tried to follow the race route back through Cooke Street but maybe missed one turn and came out to King Street (lots of short turns for sure in that area).

Tempo Workouts.  For our tempo runs, I am trying to not overdo it.  I was pushing too hard in the beginning with the pace (8:45-9:00 min/mi) and by this past Thursday I found a few things out:

  • Continue to take slightly longer strides and slow down the pace to 9:30min/mi).
  • Breathe in/out through my mouth and nose and find that rhythm;
  • Be mindful of my footfall (do my best to be balanced in the middle forefront) but don’t go to the extreme and force it right now…do it gradually;
  • Continue to practice holding my bent arms close to my sides and hands cupped and relax and close to my chest but not crossing over the midline.
  • I also realized that I was using my Hoka Bondi (too much cushion and heavy and clunky) shoes for the tempo runs which do not work well.  I switched to my Brooks Ghost shoes for tempo runs and much better!!!
  • So far, I can say that the tempo runs and the gradual increase in duration is working very well so thank you!
  • In the beginning I was finding it not as pleasant but I look forward to the Thursday workouts now.

Off-Day Workouts. 

  • workouts on the other days I have been doing mostly shorter easy runs (40-45 min) practicing my form and breathing.
  • I also walk with my mom and our dog Mon-Saturday for about 30 minutes each time, in addition to any running.
  • This past Monday I went hiking with some friends on the ‘Aiea loop trail!  Easy pace that took us about 2 hours for the entire 4.8 mile loop.
  • I was envious of those trail running…(yes to summer trail running!).
  • Also I am doing some 30-minute yoga (twist and flow), foam rolling, and your recommended exercises (videos on the website) on the off days (MWFSat).

I can’t wait for tomorrow and want to do a slower longer run with everyone.  I can practice all of the above and start to build endurance.  A half marathon doesn’t seem as intimidating now, thanks to you and the group, so mahalo (thanks in Hawaiian) Brian!