The education component teaches the Hard-Easy System—the most effective system yet devised for training endurance athletes.

Course Syllabus

The Components of Exertion.

Course Concept Map

Course Introduction

Brian Teaches the Hard-Easy System (Recordings).

Lesson 1.  What is a Marathon?
Lesson 2.  Building Marathon Ability  
Lesson 3.  The Rules of Right Exertion  
Lesson 4.  Tempo, Speed, and Endurance  
Lesson 5.  What is a Workout?  
Lesson 6.  Workout Effort and Capacity for Exertion  
Lesson 7.  Optimizing Workout Effort 
Lesson 8.  Scheduling Workouts  
Lesson 9.  Establishing Workouts  
Lesson 10. Measuring Adaptation  
Lesson 11. The Marathon Revisited