Wireless Earbuds*

There are lots of alternatives and an incredible range of prices. Here are two from a reasonably reliable vendor AUKEY:

  • AUKEY-EP-N5 ($60) – Noise canceling
  • AUKEY-EP-T21 ($30) – Non-noise canceling (i.e. wind noise while you’re running)

* For safety’s sake, wear only one earbud while training where you can get run over.

Heart Rate Straps

There are lots of heart rate straps too. Most are worn around the mid-chest, but a few are worn on the forearm, are just as accurate, yet much more comfortable. These Scosche forearm straps work with smartphones and Garmin and Apple watches.

GPS tracking

By far the least expensive alternative is to simply use an app on your smart phone.

More convenient, more accurate, and more expensive, are GPS watches.


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