My son is a high school freshman who loves competitive running.  But he is currently unable to train because he is recuperating from a second debilitating running injury sustained during the recent cross-country season.

Brian offered to teach Ethan about the training process so he could learn basic training principles that will prevent future injuries.  We took Brian’s short course on the hard-easy system (link to the short course on YouTube), studying the training process in three interesting and challenging sessions.  (I’m working on an edited version of the in-class lessons I gave Evelyn and Ethan.)

Ethan and I are now much more confident about his ability to train without injury.  We both learned how to build racing ability by the rules, instead of breaking them and suffering the consequences.

Brian’s insights have put Ethan on the road to a successful high school running career, and maybe even a college scholarship.  I’m also grateful for the insight I gained about my own distance running.  I’m looking forward to Brian’s next training program.