Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Do I have to be "in shape" to join?

There are five fitness levels from the transitioners who haven't exercised in ages to master racers who are on top of their fitness game.  You'll fit in somewhere.  And when you find your group, you'll be with others at the same fitness level with similar fitness needs and goals.

  • Should I consult my doctor before starting?

Yes, especially if you are already under a doctor's care for any chronic health issue.  The main thing, however, is to do nothing that will cause you pain or discomfort, nothing that isn't enjoyable and sustainable.  It's the staff's job to teach you how to train safely and effectively during workouts using the hard-easy system.  It's your job to attend three workouts a week and practice what the facilitator instructs you to do.

  • If I don't see result after 6 weeks can I get my money back?

Your so generous to give yourself six weeks.  :>}  We will ask you to decide what fitness parameters you wish to track when you log your workouts.  We want to know if you're getting injured; you may want to know whether you are getting up a certain flight of stairs with greater ease.  You'll see significant improvement in 6 weeks or you can have your money back.

  • What is included in the registration fee?

The fee enables you to participate in three live workouts per week for the duration of the program.  If you miss a live workout, you may listen to the recording during a "make-up" workout on your own.

You'll track your workouts using our workout log.  And we will give you regular information updates on your progress.  We will also recognize your fitness achievements on the acknowledgements page of our website.

Moreover, we will reward you for your achievements with valuable Wisdom Topics on a wide range of fitness related topics.  Most important is the ability to connect with others who can support you in becoming fit for life.

Our program is set up to give you safety in the age of pandemic.  You can train confidently in a group that's connected by cell phone, but without being threatened with close proximity to others.


  • Do I need any special equipment?

Good running or walking shoes are a must have.  Here is a link to a primer on getting shoes.

A blue tooth enabled cell phone to participate in live workouts.  Ear buds that connect to your cell phone are okay, too.

A bright flashlight for walking in the dark.

A fanny pack for carrying stuff.

Warm clothes you can layer if the weather turns blustery.  And a hat.


  • How do I protect myself from attack in dark neighborhoods?

The best protection against attack is a partner who trains at your pace.  Find places with lots of people and scan ahead and around you for potential issues.  Avoid issues by choosing to walk the other way.  Take a loud whistle and scream bloody murder if necessary to draw attention to your situation.  Find quiet/safe neighborhoods where there are people around indoors, and hardly anyone on the road with you.  Walk in the middle of a quiet street or road where you have space from others on the sidewalk.  

  • How much is the tuition?

Most exercise programs with three workouts a week last 10-12 weeks and cost $250, including a non-refundable $50 deposit, payable before the first workout and $200 payable immediately after your sixth workout. You may pay the $200 in two monthly installments. 

The  monthly rate is $99.  The semi-annual rate is $550  And the annual rate is $900.  Once paid in advance, you may join any ongoing program during the year.

Want to Start Your Transformation?

Within a few short steps you will be on your way to acheiving your fitness goals, not only for now, but for life!  Click the button to start the process which begins with a qualifying call for your fitness level. Within a couple days you will be added to our member portal and scheduled for  your first of 6 introductory workouts.