During the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, I put on unwanted weight and my health deteriorated.  So I joined BC Endurance Trainings to improve my health and fitness.

During the 12-week training program, I lost a good deal of weight and I could jog continuously without knee pain and backache.  Also, my blood pressure, A1C, and liver enzymes went down.

I committed to doing three sessions per week for power (hills), tempo (intervals), and stamina (long runs).  I enjoyed all of the workouts, including the telephone-call sessions and the in-person sessions.

During our telephone-call workout sessions, we talked about practising running skills as we ran.  But we also discussed other fitness topics like sensible eating, getting better sleep, and meditation.  All things that make us healthy!  During the in-person sessions, Brian coached me on my pacing and my running form.  Very helpful!

At the end of the recent program, I did the 2021 Start-to-Park 10K and the 2021 virtual Honolulu Marathon (my second consecutive).  I’m also happy to report that I made new friends during the program.

Hearing their stories inspired me to set a new goal: Complete the in-person Honolulu Marathon in December 2022.  It will be the 50th Anniversary Honolulu Marathon!  I’m very excited.

– Karen Kau