Brian’s Weekly Announcements.

I will update and delete old announcements on a weekly basis, leaving anything that should be posted for a while.

I’ve added a course concept map to the Hard-Easy System Lessons page. The narrative takes you through the heart of all the major course concepts, defining and illustrating them so you can understand the system in the shortest time.

The workout-by-workout log summary for week 1 to 11-9-20 has been posted to your fitness level page.

The public part of our BC Endurance website is now open for newcomers to view. The public site promotes the BC Endurance Fitness Certification program, which begins on Saturday, January 16, 2021.

I have added article to your fitness level page on the benefits of certification. There are three major benefits. I hope you’re aware of them so you understand the value of the certification program in the age of pandemic.