Half-Marathon Training (Mar—May) Full Payment


Athletes who have completed the recent 5K and 10K training (or its equivalent) are eligible for this program.  

  • Athletes will be admitted into the program based on their experience and current fitness level, after filling out the pre-program questionnaire (see below).
  • It is understood that all athletes will have already built a base of three moderately long workouts per week, i.e., at least 60 minutes or more at a slow pace.  

The Twelve-week Program.  Prepares intermediate and advanced athletes (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) for the 2023 Hapalua and Hibiscus Half-marathon races.

  • The program addresses the needs of intermediate and advanced athletes (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) who want to hone their racing skills in a non-competitive, supportive group environment, under expert coaching and teaching.
  • The two scheduled races enable you to continue honing your training and racing skills, such as how to run up and down hills to build leg strength, or how to do tempo intervals to build the ability to sustain your race pace for the entire half-marathon (13.1 miles) racing distance.  
  • Special attention will be given to understanding the training system.  A 90-minute, in-class Zoom meeting introduces the Hard-Easy System and the ideas needed to train effectively by yourself without injury, illness, or exhaustion.