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Important Dates

Next BCE programs are to start on the following dates:

Practitioners: Week of Sept 12, 2021
Launchers: Week of Sept 26, 2021
Transitioners: Week of Oct10, 2021

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Full commitment day is two weeks after the first workout, when the balance of the $250 tuition is due.

The BCE 5 Fitness Level Profiles


Non-Athlete to Novice

Transitioners are in transit between staying in-doors exclusively and getting out to exercise several times a week.  Transitioners need constant, supportive mentoring and facilitation to develop the basic habits needed to enjoy raising their activity level with easy, non-injurious workouts.


Novice to Beginner

Launchers past the age of 30 are on a downward fitness slide.  A dearth of exercise has put them on the brink of chronic illness.  Yet their aversion to exertion, along with time and energy considerations, can easily preclude immediate commitment to a regular exercise regimen.


Beginner to Intermediate

Practitioners need to develop a regular, non-injurious fitness regimen, including a minimum of three scheduled workouts each week and lots of focused practice.  By the end of the program, their work will have qualified them as full-fledged intermediate athletes.


Intermediate to Advanced

Racers want to do a specific race but they aren’t clear about how to train for it effectively.  Their training is fraught with pitfalls based on limited experience, incorrect ideas, and haphazard planning, all of which prevents them from becoming fully racing fit.  They attempt with will power what requires finesse.


Advanced to Master

Masters are not necessarily above a certain age, but experts in their field.  They have vast experience with the year-round training process.  They know how to train hard several times a week, while recovering regularly and adequately for months, without injury, illness, or exhaustion.


Becoming Accountable

Are you unable to get out the door for a walk or jog because you’re feeling lazy, stressed out, and exhausted from your workday?  Are you tired of putting yourself on the backburner because you “have to” take care of others in your life?   Do you hate yourself for sitting on the couch unable to move when you want and need to go outside for fresh air and enjoyable exercise?  You don’t have to feel that way anymore.  Here’s an easy and simple way to get your workouts in while you connect with other positive people who are committed to taking care of themselves so they can do more in life.

Our Promise to All Athletes

You’ll increase your fitness and accomplish your racing goals safely, competently, and enjoyably, with a proven training program, expert coaching, and friendly group support.

Community Focused

We recommend doing program workouts “live,” three times a week with our friendly supportive staff and a group of like-minded athletes who are also at your fitness level.  Your friends  and trainer provide a show-up-and-train discipline and habit that you may not already have when it comes to training by yourself.

Online and In Person Group Training

You’ll train three times a week with your teammates and your facilitator during  “live,” telephone-conference-call workouts.  Each live workout is recorded for later playback during “make-up” workouts.

We are committed to staying within governmental COVID restrictions.  Where possible, we will meet in fitness level groups once a week at a pre-arranged location for  purposes of evaluation, individual instruction, and grouping. 

We consider skills, posture, shoes, injuries, pacing, and other training factors to be important aspects of every fitness level program.

Improved Fitness Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with your BC Endurance program experience, we will refund your tuition completely without question.

You’ll perform better after only a few weeks, whether in a race or getting up a flight of stairs. More energy, right effort, faster pace.

We teach the hard-easy system, the most effective system yet devised for training endurance athletes.

Full-proof Injury Protocol

We teach you how to recognize, measure, and get rid of unwanted pain at its earliest stage. We also teach you how to rehabilitate existing injuries so you can resume training without pain.

Fitness for Seniors by Seniors.
This site is a one-stop shop for seniors (over 60) to build their fitness safely, enjoyable, and sustainably, without pain or discomfort. We specialize in working with older adults who have never developed a sustainable fitness habit. We know how difficult it is to get out the door, and to continue walking, stretching, or strengthening seldom-used muscles. We’ll give you the support you need to get away from work, family, or passive entertainment, to develop an enjoyable pre-workout routine, and to leave your anxieties about “fitness exercise” at the doorstep.

I’m Brian Clarke

I learned the Hard-Easy System in the mid-1960s under Bill Bowerman, my track coach at the University of Oregon.

One of my goals, when I began my coaching career in 1979, was to better understand the Hard-Easy System I learned from Bowerman so I could train my athletes as effectively as he trained me.

BC Endurance fitness programs accelerate the learning process so you can avoid the perennial training pitfalls.  If you are serious about learning, our team of trainers is serious about teaching.

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