What we’re about

Brian Clarke Endurance Trainings are workout programs preparing groups of recreational endurance athletes for Hawaii’s major running, swimming, and triathlon events.

Brian Clarke started BC Endurance Trainings in 1979 by training advanced runners for the Honolulu Marathon.  He soon added triathlon trainings to his program repertoire, and began to take on beginner recreational athletes as his program focus.  Thousands of recreational athletes have  benefited from Clarke’s excelent books and training programs.

Each program lasts 8 to 19 weeks, with three organized workouts each week. Groups gather for workouts at various meeting places on the island of Oahu.  Workouts are directed by a professional fitness trainer and a staff of paid coaches or certified group leaders. Athletes train with others of their ability in an enjoyable yet disciplined group setting.  There is a fee for each program.

Here’s a quick overview of our current training programs.  Dates apply to the current year but programs repeat in the same time slots annually. Please click forward for more information about each program. To receive email announcements about any of our programs, please visit the sign up page.

Running Trainings:

  • Honolulu Marathon Training (Aug – Dec)
  • Hapalua Half-marathon Training (Dec – April)
  • Oahu Trail Training (April – Jul)
  • Summer Fitness Training (April – July)
  • Sunday Trail Training (Oct – Nov)

Triathlon-Bike-Swim Trainings:

  • Summer Swim Training (June – Sept)
  • Lavaman Tri Training (Jan – Mar)
  • Honolulu Tri Training (Feb – Mar)
  • Ko’Olina Tri Training (Aug – Sept)
  • Beginner Swim Training (June)