Lifestyle Fitness Programs for All Ages and Abilities!

Safe training; smart racing; since 1979.


Runners, joggers, and walkers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels will learn racing skills from a coach who has mastered the game and knows how to teach it. Begin with short fun-run races and progress steadily towards the marathon.


Beginner and intermediate open-water swim training, with outstanding coaching and friendly group support.  Safety and technique are primary at both levels as you advance towards open water racing or remain a while at the beginner level.


We prepare beginner and intermediate athletes to run, jog, or walk with confidence and competence on Hawaii’s rooty, rocky, hilly, and muddy trails. Being in the forest among the trees and birds can be the experience of a lifetime.


Fitness grows at the novice and beginner levels with non-injurious and enjoyable walking, stretching, and core strengthening.  Address your health and aging issues with gentle exercise and sensible eating.


This 9-week Triathlon program prepares intermediate swimmers, bikers, and runners for low-key race events in late autumn.  Athletes of any ability (slow-to-fast) are welcome.  Maintain your skills and build your ability for the coming year. 

Start Your Lifetime Health and Fitness Transformation.

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