Fitness Training and Education in the Age of Pandemic

For the foreseeable future we won’t be able to train together, face-to-face in groups as we have in the past.  

Starting with The New BC Fitness Training, athletes will train alone, while connected electronically with a support system, including the director, a workout facilitator, and a small group of training buddies.

Since they are doing workouts by themselves, optimal training requires new knowledge so our athletes are able to make correct training decisions with minimal direct supervision.  

Thus, The New BC Fitness Training program has two components: 

  • The Course.  An online, 11-lesson course that teaches athletes the central tenets of the hard-easy system—the most effective such system yet devised.
  • The Training.  A 12-week practicum, with three workouts per week that raise each athletes’ fitness level while reinforcing the ideas in the course.