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Four yearly programs to choose from: 1) The King’s Runner 10K (beginner) Training (Jan-Mar); 2) The Hapalua-Hibiscus Half-Marathon Training (Jan-May); 3) The Summer Fitness Training (Jun-Jul); and 4) The Honolulu “Mile-to-Marathon” Training preparing student-athletes for the Merrie Mile, the Start-to-Park 10K, and the Honolulu Marathon.


The swim program includes a 5-week Beginner Training (Mar-Apr) and a 16-week, intermediate-advanced Summer Swim Training (May-Sept).  Both programs feature outstanding coaching and friendly group support.  


The Oahu Trail Training prepares beginner and intermediate athletes to run, jog, or walk with confidence and competence on Hawaii’s rugged trails. Being in the forest among the trees and birds can be the experience of a lifetime.


Join any of our yearly training and education programs as a boomer at the beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, and watch your fitness grow with non-injurious and enjoyable walking, jogging, or running. 


The 9-week Island Triathlon Training program prepares intermediate swimmers, bikers, and runners for low-key triathlon and biathlon race events in late autumn.  Athletes of any ability (slow-to-fast) are welcome.  

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