Fitness Training in the Age of Pandemic.

In my 40 years of directing pre-COVID-19 marathon training programs, group leaders set the pace and called the shots for athletes doing workouts under my direction. 

In the foreseeable future, the pandemic will preclude face-to-face groupings with leaders and followers.  Instead, athletes will be individually responsible for the quality of their workouts, using virtual support where group support used to be.

I’m Brian Clarke.  I learned the Hard-Easy System in the mid-1960s under Bill Bowerman, my track coach at the University of Oregon.  Since then, thousands of recreational athletes have completed my annual training program for the Honolulu Marathon.   

One of my goals when I began my coaching career in 1979 was to understand the Hard-Easy System I learned from Bowerman so I could train my athletes as effectively as he trained me at Oregon.  As intended, the books I’ve written form the basis of my knowledge, of which you could become a beneficiary.  

Thus, the BC Endurance fitness certification program accelerates the learning process so you can avoid the perennial training pitfalls.  If you are serious about learning, I’m serious about teaching. 

Again, if you are ready to share your contact information with me because you know enough about the program please go to the BC Endurance Trainings Sign-Up page.

Otherwise, knowing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information about The BC Endurance Fitness Certification Program.