(Ages 58-75)

Elements of the Boomer Fitness Program

Non-athletes and beginners welcome

There are five fitness levels to all BC Endurance fitness programs.  But Boomers are especially welcome at the non-athlete and beginner levels because we believe that most Boomers will be most comfortable there.  Non-athlete to beginner is a huge transformation.


Fitness training can have many different goals, including race performance, weight management, and quality of life.  We believe that regular and year-round fitness training can be rewarding in itself: for the joy of exercise and for its health and fitness benefits, too.  

Three weekly workouts

All programs have three facilitated workouts per week: two are done in an individual, “telephone-call” setting starting from each athlete’s home or work location, while the other workout is done in an in-person, group-setting, where the whole group meets at a specific location

Telephone-call workouts

Participants dial into a telephone “conference-call” with their group and facilitator on the cellphone line. The facilitator instructs the group on the correct way to exert themselves during the workout, while also leading health- and fitness-related discussions.

Enter anytime

New participants may enter the program at any time by scheduling a qualifying call with a trainer and paying a $50 non-refundable deposit. We want to screen our participants for their fitness level and their ability to fit within the program context.

2-week trial period

Athletes participate in six educational workouts designed to get them up to speed on the basics of the training process. At the end of the initial trial period, they may enroll for a month, a quarter, six months or a year.


The telephone-call workouts are as safe as the athlete wants to be while training alone. We recommend quiet venues with few people. During our group workouts, however, masks, social distancing, and proof of updated vaccines/boosters are required.

Short and slow workouts

Out-of-shape newcomers are encouraged to start with very short workouts (15 minutes or less) or short workouts (30 minutes). These beginner workouts shouldn’t exceed light exertion, which feels slow, held-back, conversational, and comfortable.

Sensible eating adjunct

Boomers are invited to reassess their eating habits and practices to see how they measure up to the various aspects of a sensible eating process. Each aspect will be measurable on a 5-level scale and participants will talk about which level seems to make the most sense.

Stretching & core strengthening

Facilitators lead a short regimen of stretching after the initial 10-minute warm-up period of every group workout.  When doing easy workouts on their own, however, athletes are encouraged to adopt our mid-workout core strengthening and stretching regimen to augment their strength, flexibility, and balance.

The Rationale for Fitness Exercise

BC Endurance takes a broad view of fitness exercise.  We are not focused exclusively on, say, running to the exclusion of other forms of beneficial exercise.  Thus, in our system, fitness exercise includes: 

      • Short-to-Long-Duration, slow-paced running, jogging, or walking, which develops stamina and confidence while affording sustainable daily energy
      • Resistance activities, such as weight lifting and doing hills, where exertion builds strength but is light enough to be relaxed, pleasurable, and sustainable.  
      • Limbering activities for increasing one’s comfortable range of motion, especially after a day in the office at the computer sitting or standing in narrow confines; 
      • Sensible eating habits promote a healthy ratio of fat to lean body mass, as well as adequate energy for daily life, while also lowering the risk of chronic disease. 

Health and Fitness Benefits

BC Endurance programs incorporate the above exercise areas to enhance health and fitness in the following dimensions.

  • Increased resistance to illness and chronic disease
  • Decreased risk of depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s  
  • Increased ability to operate outside of normal physical boundaries
  • Better mental acuity and better sleep
  • Reduced hormonal stress
  • Increased longevity and quality of life
  • Increased self-esteem and reduced anxiety
  • Feeling clean after a good sweat and a shower
  • An appetite for a variety of health-promoting whole foods
  • Greater stamina; more energy for life activities

The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions

The BC Endurance training system is based on Brian Clarke’s 40+ years of practical training and theoretical book-writing experience.  Thus, athletes build their fitness ability by pre-set rules (e.g., slow and comfortable exertion builds stamina; relaxed exertion builds muscle strength).  Participants practice exertion by the rules during two weekly telephone workouts and a once-weekly, Covid-safe, in-person workout.

Is this on Zoom video?

There are no Zoom video broadcasts during workouts.  In 2022, there will be two Zoom audio workouts per week and one in-person, face-to-face workout for a total of three scheduled workouts per week with your group and facilitator.  

How does Zoom Audio work?

Each athlete dials a cellphone number that connects them with others in the group, just as you would be on a telephone conference call.

What are the workouts like?

Workouts are divided into segments: the warm-up, ability-building activities, skill-building activities, announcements, discussions, meditations, etc.  The facilitator instructs the athletes on how to exert a correct and effective effort during the workout.

When do you train?

Each fitness program has three scheduled workouts a week, regardless of your fitness level.  A typical program lasts for 6 to 20 weeks before a short break and resumption with another program during a year-round training period.  At the start of each program, athletes and their facilitator decide on a schedule of times each week when their group will meet for workouts.

Who are the other participants?

There are five “fitness levels” according to an athlete’s training experience (novice, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and master). The athletes in your program will be at your fitness level, regardless of their physical talent, training pace, or prowess.  During face-to-face workouts, you will be paired with others of your ability (pace) so you will always be able to keep up.  Nobody gets left behind.

Do you ever meet in person?

Yes, one in-person meeting is scheduled per week. During face-to-face workouts, there will be opportunities to practice skills, posture, and correct pacing under the watchful eyes of a coach.

Where do you meet and at what times?

During in-person workouts, we meet at scenic, quiet, safe locations that enhance our training purposes. 

How do you remain safe in the pandemic?

We require up-to-date vaccines, boosters, masks, and social distancing during in-person workouts.

What’s the group’s training pace? ("I’m so slow, won't I hold the group back?")

Wherever possible, we will match you with others of your pace and fitness ability so you can keep up without embarrassment or strain.

What if I miss a workout?

All telephone-call workouts are recorded so you can listen during a make-up workout on your own. Otherwise, details of the in-person workout are posted ahead of time so athletes know how to do it on their own.

Want to Start Your Transformation?

Within a few short steps you will be on your way to acheiving your fitness goals, not only for now, but for life!  Click the button to start the process which begins with a qualifying call for your fitness level. Within a couple days you will be added to our member portal and scheduled for  your first of 6 introductory workouts.