Boomer Fitness Training (Full Year)


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The Program.  This is a year-round fitness program for novice and beginner athletes in the Baby Boomer age group (born between the end of WWII and the mid-1960s).  After a certain age, a realization sets in that fitness training is mostly about staving off an inevitable fitness decline.  

  • The Boomer program employs fitness training principles to fight a rear-guard battle against this decline: relaxed effort, enjoyment, sustainability, no injury, and little or no discomfort.  There is no room nor need for a no-pain-no-gain approach to fitness exercise.  
  • Instead, the program focuses on the basics of recreational athleticism, including building effective pre- and post-workout routines, forming habits that promote fitness within each workout, and adding ancillary activities that promote flexibility, core strength, and a healthy ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass.
  • One of the important aspects of the program is sensible eating.  Nutritionally, we do not advocate a certain diet, recommending only that each athlete eats a variety of whole foods that they enjoy.  After that, healthy eating is a matter of building such habits as portion control and substituting good foods for bad.