Hapalua & Hibuscus
Half-Marathon training

Runners, joggers, and walkers at the intermediate and advanced levels will learn racing skills from a coach who has mastered the game and knows how to teach it. You’ll progress steadily from early March to the end of May, adapting to the rigors of training for and successfully finishing the 2024 Hapalua Half-marathon (April 14, 2024) and the Hibiscus Half-marathon (May 26, 2024).


The Hapalua & Hibuscus Half-Marathon

      • Experience and Qualifications.  The 12-week program addresses the needs of intermediate and advanced student-athletes (whether runners, joggers, or walkers), with recent race experience.  
      • The program hones racing skills in a non-competitive, supportive group setting, with expert coaching and teaching.
      • Train three times a week:  In person on Monday evening and Saturday morning, and by telephone conference-call with your coach and teammates on Wednesday evenings.
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire

The Information Meeting.

      • Purpose.  Your questions answered, meet the coches, lmeet your teammates, and orient you to the conference-call setting.
      • The conference-call setting.  Train conveniently from your home or workplace, while you listen to the coach give instructions and lead discussions through your bluetooth-enabled cell phone.  
      • Time and “Place.”  Wednesday, March 6, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. by telephone conference call (no video).
      • Listen and participate on your cell phone by dialing the following number just before 6:00 p.m.
      • +13462487799,,87875359367# The Meeting ID is 878 7535 9367 and the password is BC.  Note, enter commas with the “pause” button on an iPhone.
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire

The Workouts

      • The first workout is on Saturday, March 9 at 7 a.m.  Location TBA.
      • All program workouts prepare intermediate and advanced racers (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) mentally and physically for the rigors of a half-marathon (or 5-mile race). 
      • The workouts consist of hill training for power on Mondays, interval training for tempo ability on Wednesdays, and long runs on Saturdays.  
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire

The Schedule.   

      • Scheduling is our way of gathering a group that becomes a team for support and disciplined training purposes.  Please see about clearing your schedule for the entire 12-week training.
      • The 2-Week Enrollment Period.  Newcomers are expected to attend six in-person workouts during the first two weeks as an enrollment condition. 
      • During the Enrollment Period.  We teach the basics of hill and tempo interval training, starting at an easy level so you don’t hurt yourself at the outset.  
      • Post-enrollment-period workout start-times.  In person on Mondays  (at 6:00 p.m.) and Saturdays at 7:00 a.m.) and by conference call on Wednesdays (at 5:30 p.m.).
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire to provide information about yourself and your qualifications to do this excellent training program.  


$75 non-refundable deposit to start.
$250 Balance Payment due after the two-week enrollment period.  Payments in two installments are okay.


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