King’s Runner 10k Training

Our annual line-up of programs for student-athletes who are interested in the racing game.

Our programs accommodate runners, joggers, and walkers at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  You will learn racing skills from a coach who has mastered the game and knows how to teach it. Begin with short fun-run races eary in the year and progress steadily towards the marathon in December.

Kings Runner 10k Training (Weekly Announcements in this space during the program).

Kings Runner 10k Training

      • Welcome 2025 by resolving to train all year with BC Endurance, starting with the King’s Runner 10k training. 
      • This is a beginner training and education program for student-athletes interested in competitive distance running, on your terms and without pain or discomfort.
      • Student-athletes join as beginners and graduate nine weeks later as intermediates. 
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire
The Information Meeting.
      • The Information Meeting is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 30, 2025. 
      • The meeting is on Zoom Audio (no video), meaning you’ll be on a telephone conference call with coach, Brian, and other interested beginner athletes.
      • During the meeting, Brian will talk about the 8-week program schedule (see below) and the 2-week enrollment period that starts with an in-person workout on Monday, January 6, 2025.
Here’s how to join us for the information meeting:
      • Copy the following long phone number into your telephone’s contact list.  Name it “BC Endurance Workouts.”  +13462487799,,87875359367# (use the Pause key for comas on an iPhone).
      • If prompted, the  meeting ID is 878 7535 9367 and the password is BC
      • Text Brian if you have trouble getting through to the meeting: 808-391-8598.

The King’s Runner 10K Training Program.

      • The 8-week Program addresses the needs of beginner student-athletes (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) who want to develop their racing skills in a non-competitive, supportive group environment, with expert coaching and teaching.  
      • Three practice races enable beginners to practice basic training and racing skills, such as how to be relaxed when running, jogging, or walking uphill to build leg strength.  
      • Special attention will be given also to preparing mentally for races: reducing anxiety and having abundant energy on race-day.
      • This program is a prerequisite for entering one of the subsequent BC Endurance racer trainings, including the ongoing Hapalua and Hibiscus Half-marathon trainings (March through May), the Summer Fitness Training (Jun-Jul), and the Mile-to-Marathon training in the Fall (Aug to Dec).
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire

The Workouts.  

      • All program workouts prepare beginners (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) for the mental and physical rigors of competitive racing, whether you want to be competitive with others or only with yourself.
      • Athletes meet in person for the first two-week enrollment period (six workouts).  Thereafter, you’ll train three times a week (twice a week in person; and once during a weeknight conference call workout).
      • You may train by yourself from your home or workplace on the weeknights, or you may organize a support group to train with while you listen to the coach give instructions or lead discussions through your blue-tooth-enabled cell phone.  
      • All workouts are recorded on Zoom audio for playback should you have to miss a workout and wish to keep up with the group on your own time.  In any case, the group provides the discipline for regular and fruitful training and a fit and healthy lifestyle.
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire

The Schedule.  

      • Scheduling is our way of gathering a group that becomes a team for support purposes.  Please see about clearing your schedule for the entire 9-week training.  There is no time for slacking as the training builds progressively.
      • The 2-week enrollment period for the 8-week program begins the first week of January.  You’re expected to come to every workout as an enrollment condition.  We teach the basics, starting at an easy level so you don’t hurt yourself at the outset.  
      • In-person workout time slots (during the first 2 week enrollment period).  Monday and Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.  Some adjustments may be made to accommodate athletes that can’t make these times.
      • Interested?  Please fill out the pre-program questionnaire to provide information about yourself and your qualifications to do this excellent training program.

Tuition (links to pay) 

Note: Our veteran athletes who have already attained the intermediate or advanced racer levels are admitted at no cost, if willing to act as group leaders and mentors to our beginners.  

$150 due after the two-week enrollment period.  Payments in two monthly instalments are okay.

Fill out the pre-program questionnaire to provide information about yourself and your qualifications to do this excellent training program.


A non-refundable deposit to start. Balance due after the two-week enrollment period.  Payments in two monthly instalments are okay.

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