5K and 10K Training (Jan—Mar) Deposit Payment



The 9-week Program addresses the needs of beginner athletes (whether runners, joggers, or walkers) who want to develop their racing skills in a non-competitive, supportive group environment, with expert coaching and teaching.

The training is primarily a beginner educational program.  Athletes join as beginners and leave as intermediates.  Other athletes who have already attained the intermediate or advanced racer levels are admitted at no cost if willing to act as group leaders and mentors to the beginners.

  • Four scheduled races enable beginners to practice basic training and racing skills, such as how to run up and down hills to build leg strength, or how to do tempo intervals to build the ability to sustain race pace comfortably for most of your racing distance.
  • Special attention will be given also to preparing mentally for races: reducing anxiety and increasing your race-day-level capacity for exertion, i.e., abundant energy.
  • The four practice races include: the Bob and Ron’s 5K, the Harold Chapson 8K, the Johnny Fareber 10K, and the King’s Runner 10K.
  • This program is a prerequisite for entering one of the subsequent BC Endurance racer trainings: the half-marathon training to follow in the Spring (March through May) and the marathon training in the Fall (Aug to Dec), with a once-a-week trail training in between.