Hard-Easy System (Short Course) – Non-Members


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The Short Course

Consists of one 2-hour, in-person (or zoom) meeting, during which we view the 20-minute short-course video in 10 parts/lessons, discussing the ideas in each lesson and applying them to your current training and racing.

The goal is to identify a number of cases to study during an ensuing training period, where you and others might learn from your experience of better understanding your training and racing using the concepts in the lessons (see syllabus and content overview).

Dates:  The short course is scheduled at odd times when a concept review might be beneficial to a group of athletes.

Tuition:  $50 for athletes not in a current BC Endurance program; $25 for those in a current BC Endurance program.

Instructor.  Brian Clarke has taught this course more than 50 times since 1979.