Trail Training


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The Program

This fitness and educational program prepares beginner and intermediate athletes to run, jog, or walk with confidence and competence on Hawaii’s technical (rooty, rocky, hilly, and muddy) trails.

  • The program introduces trailblazers to a variety of Oahu’s most scenic and runnable mountain and shoreline trails.
  • Basic skills are taught on Mount Tantalus and in Aiea on the first three Sundays, culminating with a potluck brunch after the Aiea Trail run.  
  • Muscle power is built with two steep mountain runs, followed by three long runs designed to build stamina for marathon training.

The Workouts

All Sunday morning workouts begin at 7 a.m. with movement stretching and a long, slow warm-up.  Workout duration is a minimum of 90 minutes, building to 3 hours or more on the final three trails.