Hi BC Practitioners
The website has been upgraded to a new and faster server, meaning this might be the last time I send announcements by email.  I’ll use SLACK or the announcements section on the website L3 page to communicate with you from now on.
Here are a few things you should be aware of heading into the weekend:
  • The Saturday workout (tomorrow) begins at 6:15 a.m. with stretching.  6:30 to start the run.  Duration will be 65, 75, or 85 minutes at a slow pace.
  • We will try a new way of relating to one another during the workout. You may mute yourselves from the L3 conference call and join a telephone chat call by adding athletes to a phone call.  You can add up to 4 athletes to the same call (max of 5 per call).  And you may talk about anything during the 15-minute free chat period.  I’m including a list of L3 athletes (below) with phone numbers.  We’ll talk about how to make this work tomorrow.
  • This is the sixth and final workout of the 2-week enrollment period.  If you plan to continue the training, and you are not on the BC staff, please plan to pay the program fee of $250 using the website within the next week.
Here’s the list of L3 athletes and their phone numbers.  Please have it handy during workouts from now on.  My number is 808-391-8598.  Athletes listed after Vera (below) haven’t attended regularly yet.
808-372-7573 Ada-Marie
808-284-4865 Annie
808-679-2881 Colette
808-781-8072 Evelyn
808-391-3036 Harold
808-589-6297 Jamuna
808-282-5915 Karen
808-721-7032 Sharrese
808-348-1537 Vera
808-780-3247 Cherita
808-228-1897 Jayson
808-375-0059 Kara
808-753-6616 Peggy
808-381-1990 Tony