Brian’s Weekly Announcements.

Please get in the habit of regularly checking my announcements on this page.  I will update and delete old announcements on a weekly basis, leaving anything that should be posted for a while.

Your workout recordings and my written workout descriptions are now posted on your fitness level page (1, 2, or 3).

I will teach Lesson Two next Saturday (Feb. 27), during a 90-minute Zoom meeting, starting at 2 p.m.  Here’s the Zoom meeting invitation link for all remaining ten meeting lessons. Meeting ID: 864 0692 1311 Passcode: Brian.

Here’s the link to the Feb. 20 Lesson One recording. The passcode is N?$dj$2B.

I sent the first workout log report today (2-22-21). It has two pages (separate pdf files) covering the first week of the training. The next report will come out in a week, covering week 2 workouts. Please save the reports on your computer for future reference.

I’ve updated the BC Workout Log, with several new measuring scales and definitions.  The logging activity will facilitate the process of learning the basic physical sensations of the training process.  Please see about logging all your workouts so you begin to understand the way your training should feel. I will post a log report on a weekly basis so you can see and download what you have recorded.  

I’ve added a link to the Athlete Information Packet on your fitness level page. The packet includes a bunch of files that will answer questions you may have about the certification program, such as the program requirements. Here’s the link.

Two of the articles in the Athlete Information Packet pertain to injuries: the injury protocol tells you what to do if you suddenly feel a sharp twinge of pain during a workout. And the rehabilitation process tells you how to get rid of a chronic injury. Please familiarize yourself with these important documents.