• Launch a fitness program from scratch.  Including two 6-week training periods that help beginners get off the couch and out the door where they can follow one of two 12-week basic fitness programs, starting with easy and enjoyable workouts three times a week, building where appropriate to moderate workouts, which are also enjoyable.
  • Develop a basic fitness regimen.  Including two 6-week training periods in which intermediate athletes, who have trouble training consistently, can adopt regular, consistent, and enjoyable training as part of a fitness lifestyle, thereby setting the stage for a lifetime of injury-free and pleasurable training.
  • Become racing fit.  Including three 4-week training periods, during which advanced athletes learn to build racing ability by the rules.  In the process, they learn how to progress from moderately difficult to difficult (hard) workouts, the prerequisite for reaching one’s potential.
  • Racing fit and striving for mastery.  Two 6-week training periods during which master athletes learn to schedule hard and easy workouts so they can optimize workout effort in preparation for very-hard/eager racing at their best performance level.

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