Athlete Testimonials.

Lisa Wong.  The process of “getting in shape” is not intuitive.  For this reason, few people reach their full potential. 

The Hard Easy System will help you measure and master the process needed to reach your fitness goals!

Colette Corbin.  I recommend Brian Clarke’s program to everyone interested in improving their fitness ability while enjoying the support of a group…from a safe distance!

I look forward to connecting electronically with friends during our weekly runs.  Our facilitator guides us through each workout, provides encouragement, and keeps us focused.  Their support keeps me motivated to train consistently.

With Brian’s new fitness program, I am building the knowledge to continue to train effectively in the future.  I have a plan that I’ll be able to follow, no matter what obstacles come along!

Victor Ching.  I read your book, “Running by Feeling.”  It really spoke to me about why I should be running again.  I have to put my pride aside.  I can be proud of my accomplishments but, they shouldn’t drive me to injury.  

I have seen so many of friends compete while injured, against their doctor’s advice.  To me, it’s about longevity and being active and happy.  A medal is a momentary event, but a healthy lifestyle is forever.

Alyssa Miller.  One of the silver linings of the COVID-19 pandemic is that Brian Clarke has crystallized and condensed his teachings into a comprehensive online format. 

The new 12 week introductory course for recreational athletes has something for everyone, from beginner athletes to seasoned marathoners.  What differentiates it from past running clinics is athletic empowerment.  

All in all, a more intense and enriching experience than simply attending a marathon training. Highly recommended.

If you are ready to share your contact information with me so I can send you updates about the program, please go immediately to the BC Endurance Trainings Sign-Up page.

Otherwise, knowing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information about The BC Endurance Fitness Certification Program.


  • How to warm up.
  • Building mileage.
  • Purchasing shoes.
  • Shoes and injuries.
  • Dealing with injury.
  • Racing and injury.
  • Training in the hills.
  • The flow of racing.
  • Doing good workouts.
  • The inner art of relaxation.
  • On being a novice athlete.
  • The five racing abilities.
  • Progressive adaptation.
  • How to read your body.
  • A pre-race checklist.
  • Eating during races.
  • Ten marathon problems.
  • Tips for running long.
  • Weight management guidelines.
  • The perennial racing problems.
  • How to pace a long-distance race.


  • Well, suppose you could reach your fitness goals by expending less energy than you have in the past.  You could use that extra energy to do other things you would enjoy, including optimal training.  How much money is that extra energy worth?  In other words, some of your tuition gets returned as life energy. 
  • Money-Back Guarantee.  Suppose I give you a money-back guarantee!  If you are not entirely satisfied with the program, I’ll refund your money in full, upon request, and without question.  Then all you will have spent is time, which I assert will be returned to you as value.

The program tuition is $250, which may be paid in three installments during the 12-week training, starting with $100 by the end of the first week.

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  • Realize that you must maintain a certain fitness level, with regular weekly workouts.  That’s a wash on program demands, since you have to train in either case.
  • Consider the quality of the time you currently spend on myriad activities you could do without.  You have my permission to prune some of the least fruitful.
  • Invest in a program that enables a longer, healthier, more active life.  How much time are you willing to invest in something to which you are already committed? 

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New 2

I teach my athletes exactly how much workout effort is just hard enough to improve.  In addition, each of your workouts will be properly structured to build specific racing abilities.  You can learn the rules of right exertion, too.  And regardless of your performance ability (racer, runner, jogger, walker), you can take pleasure from feeling your fitness grow and your performances improve.

Over the years, I’ve coached many recreational athletes.  I’ve seen, heard, and experienced almost everything that can come up in the training and racing context.  Even if you don’t consider yourself to be “athletic,” your hidden athlete can be revealed.  Most lastingly, I can teach you to love your exercise regimen—to enjoy fitness training and racing because you appreciate the play of it. 

Being in the Program.

  • You’ll relate to athletes who are at your fitness level and share common issues and concerns. 
  • Since you’ll train individually (instead of in a face-to-face group), there isn’t anyone to keep up with.  You can focus on a pace that’s right for you, rather than worrying about being too slow.
  • Our trained facilitators will teach and guide you through the workouts.  Our attitude towards one another is team-oriented.  There are no second-class citizens in my programs. 

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As I teach it…

The hard-easy system is the most effective system yet devised for training endurance athletes.  It simplifies complex processes by focusing on the fundamental aspects of every workout: effort and energy. 

Rather than measuring your progress with pace and mileage, the Hard-Easy System revolutionizes the training process by enabling you to use your sensations of exertion to structure ability-building workouts, which are specific to your racing goals. 

Once you know how to read your body, you can respond appropriately to its relevant messages, training with confidence for the racing distance of your choice.  Imagine the fun and pleasure you’ll have playing with your training! 

New knowledge from a new perspective, articulated in a new way.

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This Program Can’t…

…make you faster than your innate talent allows.  But it can help you…

  • Understand and avoid the mental pitfalls that lead to injury, illness, and exhaustion.
  • Develop more effective training and racing habits so you actually reach your inherent potential.
  • Conserve your limited supply of running energy when you follow the rules of right exertion.

Moreover, this program will enable you to enjoy the training process, instead of abhorring your workouts because you habitually train too hard.  Think about it:  You are either training too hard, too easy, or just right.  So how do you know when you have it right? 

Once you understand the answer to this crucial question, you only need to develop the habits of mind and body that will put you on the path to more effective training and racing.

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The BC Website Includes:

  • A state-of-the-art workout log that measures adaptive progress by tracking ten descriptive indicators of your effort and energy during workouts.
  • A safe and private forum for written conversations on program-related topics, including sensible eating, dealing with injury, and group/program concerns.
  • Access to our library of video lessons, articles, books, course descriptions, and other support materials, all couched in terms of new knowledge for a new age. 

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