I want to work with athletes who are:

  • Coachable and teachable.  Are you humble and willing to try new ideas?  Disciplined enough to train alone or virtually with other athletes at your fitness level?  Free to pursue your goals?  With sufficient discretionary income to invest in a revolutionary training program?
  • Recreational endurance athletes.  “Recreational” means doing fitness training for fun—not fame or fortune; “endurance” means long distance training as a base from which to prepare for long-distance race events; and “athlete” means you are into the discipline of fitness training at one of four levels.
  • Willing to form new habits of mind and body so you can break the cycle of over-training by zeroing in on optimal workout efforts and the rules of right exertion.  This includes being able to understand difficult concepts, couched in familiar words, but used in novel ways. 

If you’re ready to sign up for information updates about the next 12-week fitness certification program beginning the week of June 13, 2021,

Congratulations!  I like your enthusiasm!!!!  Please contact me immediately through the Sign-Up page on this site.

Otherwise, realizing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information about my excellent fitness and education program.