The Four Program Components.

The BC Endurance Fitness Certification Program is a comprehensive training and educational program for runners, joggers, and walkers who want to build the skills and knowledge necessary to train for any racing distance, from the metric mile to the marathon.  The  program has four components:

1. A Course on the Hard-Easy System.  Eleven video lessons (and supplementary written material) so you can learn the concepts, tenets, and principles of the Hard-Easy System, the most effective system yet devised for training endurance athletes. 

2. The Training Practicum.  A 12-week, 36-workout training program that certifies athletes as fit and knowledgeable within one of four fitness levels.  The program outline hints at the way skills are practiced and fitness grows from the rudimentary to the master level.

3. The Support System.  No participant is allowed to fall through programmatic cracks.  Thus, the support system has three levels, encompassing 1) the program director supports the athletes with workout descriptions, lessons, and office hours, 2) the facilitator interprets the director’s workout descriptions during live workouts, and 3) the athletes support one another in their small group. 

4. The BC Endurance Website.  Our private, members-only website includes tons of interesting material about the Hard-Easy System, as well as a library of scripted recordings to guide athletes through their workouts, plus an innovative workout log/diary and a private discussion forum on relevant topics from sensible eating to injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Remember, my purpose here is to support you in signing up for the next BC Endurance fitness certification program, which begins the week of June 13, 2021. 

If you are ready to share your contact information with me because you realize the program is the best thing since sliced bread, please go immediately to the BC Endurance Trainings Sign-Up page.

Otherwise, realizing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information about my excellent fitness and education program.