The Benefits of Certification.

The BC Endurance Certification Program is a 12-week, 11-lesson, 36-workout, comprehensive training and education program, with built-in social and technical support.  The following will bring you up to speed on how the program can benefit you. 

  • The main benefit of certification is to be eligible to do future BC Endurance training programs at your current fitness level. 
  • Another benefit of certification is to reduce the cost of future BC Endurance race-preparation programs (such as the half-marathon training coming in the the Spring of 2021). I will direct new trainings with little or no facilitator supervision—a major part of a training fee. 
  • A third benefit of the certification program is to be able to develop and adjust your own non-injurious, ability-building workouts.  Given the course on the hard-easy system, you will be able to correctly structure long runs, hills, and intervals because you’ll know the rules for structuring workouts to build enough racing ability for a best effort. 

In summary, the certification program requires time, discipline, and effort to do it properly.  But the benefits in terms of more fun, less expense, and more freedom to train at your fitness level with safety and confidence will accrue to conscientious and dedicated athletes. Thus, the certification program is highly structured so you can learn what you need to learn to be able to train effectively, without injury.  Are you up for the challenge? 

If you are ready to share your contact information with me so I can send you updates about the program, please go immediately to the BC Endurance Trainings Sign-Up page.

Otherwise, knowing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information about The BC Endurance Fitness Certification Program.