Other Considerations: Time and Money.

Time Is Finite for Us AllMaybe you’re so over-committed it’s hard to imagine taking on anything new.  It’s a matter of priorities.  Where would this program fit?  Would it qualify at the minimal level or would even those activities escape your weekly action plan. 

Money:  Whether you’re rich or poor, it’s nice to have money.  Money is like energy; we have limited amounts of both.  And if you spend it here you might not be able to spend it there.  Sometimes it’s better to not spend it at all.  Save it up for a rainy day.  Or spend it on the kids.

Talent and experience are not prerequisites.  This program is for athletes who are serious about learning how to train themselves!  My athletes encompass racers, runners, joggers, and walkers—all of whom are related by their common desire to enjoy an effective fitness regimen. 

If this is you, consider the time and money spent on this course as an investment in your future.  So If you are ready to share your contact information with me because you are sold on its value, please go immediately to the BC Endurance Trainings Sign-Up page.

Otherwise, realizing this could be an important decision, here is where you can find additional information you may need about my excellent fitness and education program.